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Urgently! Message from the Commander of the Azov Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Prokopenko. Youtube, Odesa Film Studio, May 16, 2022. 59 minutes ago.

“Everything must be questioned. Every decision made, every plan, every operation. Critical thought has always brought doubts into my head. Did I make the right choices? But these doubts never left the bounds of reason. They didn’t prevent me from insisting on my point of view.

There’s always risk in unit command. War doesn’t make secure operations. You are always taking a risk. Above all, you must realize that all risks were calculated; fallback plans developed. That you gave yourself wholly to both aims: to accomplish your mission and to assure the safety of your personnel.

Maybe that’s why war is an art, not a science. Because you accomplished the mission. And assured the safety of your personnel. You have reached the highest levels of command. More so, when your choices were approved by your superiors. Glory to Ukraine!”

Source here. [Transl. Dennis Yi Tenen.]

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