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Naked and Afraid

Season 6 Ep. 13


[Scene in a Midwestern restaurant] Mother: Now, Bree, please tell us what you are eating for your last meal. Bree: Last meal with the family? This wasn’t planned—I got the “Fresh and Naked Basil Pesto.” Mother: Fresh and naked? [Father smiles.] Bree: Mmm, yeah, hopefully I’ll be fresh and naked when I get there.

[Cut to Clarence] Okay, lets get real. My name is Clarence and I am homeless. I’ve been homeless for a little over ten years now. I do work. Usually as a survivor instructor. But, I don’t make enough money to have my own place. When I am not living where I work, I am crashing on friends couches. I may not have a home, But, I have a heart. And home is where the heart is. And that’s everywhere. That’s earth. My address is earth.

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